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*Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Ria appointed as assistant professor           *Dr. Hoda Kamel Mohamed Al Shiekh appointed lecturer           *Dr. Noha Mohamed Ahmed El Sayed appointed lecturer      *Dr. Abdel Latif Fayez appointed lecturer of Roman and Greek history      *Dr. Mohamed Desoky appointed lecturer of Medieval European History     
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Faculty of Arts
The Faculty of Arts was established under the presidential decree No 129 of 2006. The Faculty comprises nine academic departments: Department of Arabic Language, Department of English Language, Department of French Language, Department of History, Department of Geography, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Department of Philosophy, and Department of Library and Information Science.

The Faculty of Arts seeks to give access to knowledge that conforms to the requirements of the current age. Moreover, it works to build a new generation yearning for progress and advancement of society by inculcating cultural, ethical and moral values into the minds of students. Also, it aims to raise the cultural awareness to create a student community believing in social change via:

raising a deep awareness of the multi-cultural nature of human experience and the powerful way that a liberal arts education enriches the life of the mind.

providing the community with the best scholars, specialists and intellectuals.

offering a comprehensive education covering all disciplines as well as adopting the talented.

Helping students further develop their research skills and achieve their academic and personal aspirations.

Contributing effectively to society besides providing flexibility for students and researchers with diverse interests.

Giving access to postgraduate programs to help qualify highly-specialized researchers in addition to the employment of modern technologies in the service of applied research.

Creating an effective, innovative and professional citizen able to work efficiently.

  We welcome you as visitors to our website and we hope to provide you with the required information and data besides casting light on the faculty and its several departments.

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Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Ria appointed as assistant professor Dr. Hoda Kamel Mohamed Al Shiekh appointed lecturer


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