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Welcome Word
     The Faculty of Education is charged with attaing a set of objectives which are:
Preparing under graduate students, graduates of other faculties and higher institutes to work in the teaching field
Enhancing the professional and scientific standard of in-service teachers and administrators
Preparing specialists in variant educational fields
Carrying out research works and studies in different fields of specialization
Developing educational thinking and spreading new educational trends and applications that help in solving environmental problems and developing societies
Exchanging experiences with Egyptian, Arabian and international cultural and educational organizations and institutes, cooperating with them to handle mutual educational issues
Providing scientific and professional counseling in different fields
Solving educational dilemmas facing the community in Fayoum Governorate in specific and the Egyptian society in general, in addition to developing the educational processes.
       We welcome you as visitors to our website and we hope to provide you with the needed information and data besides shedding light on the faculty and its several departments.

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l'examen de la matière " voix arabes" Results Announcement


11th Faculty of Education Conference to Open Tuesday

Reda E. Shabaan Ismael, Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Ahmed Mohammad Badr, Master's Thesis Defense

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