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Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is the oldest department at Faculty of Engineering. The study began in the academic year 1983/1984 and the first class graduated in 1988.

The department was under the umbrella of the by-law of Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (The mother university) since 1983 until 1990. Then a new law for the department was issued in 1990 and used until 1996.

The law had undergone many changes till we reached the current law which was adopted in 2004. By virtue of this law, the student is granted BA in civil engineering.

The minisrerial decree concerning post-graduate studies program of diploma and master degree of civil engineering department was issued in Dec 1995. Therefore, the post-graduate studies began in 1996.

Civil Engineering is studying designing and implementing of civil projects which are indispensable to civilized societies. The study at the department focuses on the following: -Construction Sciences -Water Sciences (Irrigation & Hydrology) -Foundation Sciences and Soil Mechanics -Roads and Airports Engineering -Surveying and Geodesy -Sanitary Engineering
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