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Theatre Festival at Fayoum University

April 23, 2008



On Wednesday, April 23, 2008, Fayoum University witnessed Theatre Festival of the university faculties. A number of specialized people in theatre attended with the aim of assessing the performances and granting the awards.

The jury consisted of:

Mr. Ezzat Zein al-Abdeen 

Mr. Wael Hamdy

 Mr. Ahmed al-Ablaj

At first, the jury had set a number of recommendations;

First: The text to be performed on the stage should be examined by Reading Committee so as to evaluate its content and the nature of issue being  presented; the opinion of this committee is not compulsory.

Second: In the coming theatre festivals, the jury has the right to cancel any offer from the list of offers of the festival if they contain  figures representing behavioral patterns contradicting with morals and values. The committee also suggested that this recommendation should be a part of the festival organizational law in its coming sessions.

Third: The jury recommends expanding the sphere of theatre activity to embrace all university faculties; and consequently a great number of the participants would take part in this festival. Because the theatre performance embraces a plethora of innovative and creative elements such as acting, directing, abstract painting, architectural art, poetry, music, sound and lighting …etc.,it is  usually said,"Theatre is the father of arts". All  the aforementioned elements give vent to both the performer and the audience to show their abilities and express themselves.

Fourth: the jury recommends changing the time of the festival to be during the second half of March every year as what happens at other universities. This recommendation emerged from two reasons: the first reason is to expand the duration between the end of the festival and the start of final exams; this is for our son's interest. The second reason is the bad weather in the end of April which affects the festival negatively.   

A number of interesting performances ere presented as follows:

*Honey moon (sic. Shaher al-Asaal) by Faculty of Social Work

*Madam Dawlet (sic. Dawlet Hanem ) by Faculty of Kindergarten

* Chance (sic. Okasion) by Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies

*One heaven, Two hell (sic. Wahed gana wi itnin nar) by Faculty of Agriculture

*Bolinica and Antica by Faculty of Computers and Information

*Of course single (sic.Taba' aazab) by Faculty of Medicine

*The man who thinks for himself (sic. Al ragel alzi fakr li nafsih) by Faculty of Education







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