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Closing Ceremony of Leader Training Camp

July 5,2008



On Wednesday 5th of July, 2008, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf al-Qadi, vice-president for Students and Education inaugurated a cultural art gallery of closing the cultural and artistic activities of Leader Training Camp at Faculty of Social Work. The gallery embraces a collection of cultural and artistic masterpieces.

Prof. Dr. Samir Seif al-Yazzal, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and University Activities General Coordinator, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, Dean of Faculty of Social Work, Prof. Dr. Abdel Aziz Mukhtar, ex-dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Zeinab Moawed al-Bahi, Vice-dean for Education and Students, Dr. Salwa Salah el-Din, program general director of women's camps, Dr. Hanaa Abdel Tawab, Dr. Wafaa Yusri, Dr. Mahmoud Fathi as well as a number of teaching staff members and students attended the ceremony.

On the other hand, the camp was held at Faculty of Social Work and ran from 14/6 to 3/7/2008. The camp was classified into four groups as follows:

*1st group of men: 14/6 to 18/6

*2nd group of women: 12/6 to25/6
*3rd group of women: 25/6 to 29/6
*4th group of women: 29/6 to 3/7

During the camp, a lot of social, cultural, sports and artistic activities were done besides doing a research on the requirements of University neighborhood. At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed and Dr. Zeinab al-Bahi gave some of artistic masterpieces to Dr. Samir Seif al-Yazzal and Dr.Abdel Aziz Mokhtar as presents








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