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Modern Sport at Fayoum University

November 24,2008

       The General Administration of Youth Welfare organized Monday 24/11/2008 a meeting with Presenter of Stad Baladna Motaz Matar. The meeting was under the auspices of Vice President for Education and Students Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Qadi.

Egyptian club Zamalik captain Sami El-Shesheni, Mr. Magdy El Sherbani, Head of Modern Sport Correspondents, Prof. Dr. Samir Seif Al Yazzal, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and General Coordinator of Sports Activity as well as a number of students were present.

The meeting began with paying a visit by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Qadi and the guests to the University Sports Stadium to see some young talented students. Then, they headed to the Grand Convention Hall where a crowd of students was waiting.
The seminar began with a speech of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Qadi, who explained the importance of sports for youth and children and all family members, emphasizing that the educational program should go hand-in- hand with doing various sports.

On his part, Presenter of Stad Baladna Moataz Matar voiced his happiness with the warm hospitability and the interaction of the people of Fayoum Governorate with his program. He stressed that the people of the regions and governorates are the ones who constitute the idea of the program and the real agent behind its success.
Next, Captain Sami El-Shesheni spoke about the importance of Stad Baladna, which is committed to presenting good footballers from regions and governorates to the Egyptian league. He also thanked Fayoum University for their warm hospitality of the members of the program.

Moreover, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Qadi and the guests honored Fayoum University with Special Needs Team, which ranked first in the sports competitions among the Egyptian universities. The team consists of :
*Ahmed Toba Hanafy – First – 200 meters – Athletics – Faculty of Specific Education
*Ali Mohamed Mohamed Ali – Runner-up – men's 50-meter freestyle – Faculty of Dar Al Uloom
* Howeyda Mahmoud Korni - Third - table tennis - Faculty of Dar Al Uloom.

After that, there was a discussion between students and gentlemen guests on the problems facing the Egyptian league teams and professionalism system in Egypt.
At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Samir Seif Al Yazzal presented the University Shield to both Moataz Matar and Sami El-Shesheni in recognition of their outstanding efforts in sports media.





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