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Closing Ceremony of Social Leader Training Camp

   President of Fayoum University Prof. Ahmed El Gohary witnessed Tuesday 14/7/2009 the closing ceremony of Social Leader Training Cam, which was held at University Dormitory for Women, west of Housing Cooperatives Blocks.

  The ceremony was attended by a number of high profile figures including Prof. Ahmed Al Qadi, Vice-President for Education and Students, Prof. Huda Tawfik, Dean of Faculty of Social Work. A crowd of women as well as faculty staff members were present.

  Prof. Huda Tawfik said:" The camp was held from 20/6 until 15/7/2009 and consisted of four groups – one for men and three for women. Each group consisted of 250 students who had been trained on dealing with various social situations which may encounter them in their real lives. Also, we tried to enhance their sense of belonging and loyalty to their country via involvement in different social issues."

  Among the speakers, Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary accentuated the fundamental importance of organizing such camps to prepare students to be able to address the problems and difficulties they experience.

  The ceremony featured an operetta in which students thanked the University President for his permanent and ongoing support for student activities.

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