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Festival of closing sports activities


On Monday 7/7/ 2007 in the six-player playground in Fayoum University the festival of closing the sports activity was held. The party began with opening the six-player playground.

Then, director general of youth welfare delivered a speech. After that, Dr. Ahmed Al-Qadi, vice-president for Education and Students, gave his speech.

The faculties which participated in the festival were:

Faculty of Education,

Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom,

Faculty of Specific Education,

Faculty of Engineering 

Faculty of Science.

Some faculties, which were participating in the festival, presented some sports shows; the faculties were:

Faculty of Education,

Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom 

Faculty of Specific Education.

Then began the final match of the six-player tournament in which teaching staff members, students as well as workers participated.

The final match was between Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science. Faculty of Engineering won the match.

At last the cups were distributed to the winner faculties as follows: A cup for Faculty of Tourism & Hotels Five cups for Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom Four cups for Faculty of Social Work Two cups for Faculty of Engineering A cup for Faculty of Arts Four cups for Faculty of Specific Work Seven cups for Faculty of Education

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