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Course for Student Activities Coordinators

   To prepare the Student Activities Coordinators and Youth Care Managers for handling the pressing social crises which are hitting the world with increased frequency, a course designed for them was held at the Building of the Faculty of Social Work over two days.

The course, which was about "Crisis Management", was organized by Education and Students Sector under the patronage of Prof. Ahmed Yusuf Al-Qadi, Vice President for Education and Students. Steered by Prof. Shehata Siam, vice-dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, the course was graced by the presence of Prof. Abdel-Aziz Mukhtar, professor of Planning and former dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Prof. Ahmed Gaber Shedid, vice-dean of the Faculty of Science for Community Service and Environmental Development and Prof. Bawab Shaker, vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research.

Present at the course were Prof. Huda Tawfik, dean of the Faculty of Social Work, Prof. Zeinab Al-Bahi, vice-dean for Education and Students, and all student activities coordinators and youth care managers.

The course aimed at tackling a number of concepts including: the concept of management, its features, managerial types, the concept of "Crisis" and its definition, causes of crises, types of crises, crisis matrix, how a crisis gestates, fundamental principles to face crises, administrative requirements needed to deal with crises, the scientific approach in dealing with crises, different crisis management strategies, avoiding crises, crisis management models.

At the end of the course, course completion certificates were distributed to the attendants.

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