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the October War through the Eyes of Youth

The General Department of Youth Welfare organized a seminar titled "October War through the Eyes of Youth". Held at the premises of the Hall of Said Soliman under the auspices of Professor Ahmed El Gohary, President of Fayoum University, the event featured Gen. Fekry Mohammad Fathy, military-strategic expert Gen. Nabil Sadek and Professor Ahmed Abdulal.

The event was attended by a number of high-profile figures. Key among them was Professor Shehata Siam, General Coordinator of Student Activities. A number of the faculty and students were present, too.

Opening the seminar, Siam welcomed the guests to the University, pointing out that "they are a symbol of Egypt's illustrious fighters who defeated the so-called invincible army".

Following, Gen. Nabil Sadek took the floor and spoke about the 73 October War, describing it as a turning point in favor of Egypt. "After the Six Day War, Egypt was obliged to take a military action and the Egyptian army did and succeeded", he added.

He also shed light on some facts about the 1973 October War, noting that "Egypt's victory has changed the course of history both for Egypt and the Entire Middle East.

According to Gen. Fekry Mohammad Fathy:"Before the Sid Day War, Egypt believed that it was the super power in the Middle East and it didn’t weigh the Israeli military power. This led to our defeat."

After the defeat, we started to prepare and mobilize ourselves for the war, taking into our consideration the hardships which we might face. Consequently, we managed to cross the Suez Canal and restore our land, he added.

At the end of the seminar, the guests were given the University Shield in appreciation for attending the seminar and for their great achievements during the 1973 October War.


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