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Hope Tournament

January 26, 2008
Faculties and Institutes of Agriculture participating in the tournament

*Faculty of Agriculture – Al-Azhar University – Assiut
* Faculty of Agriculture – Alexandria University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Suez Canal University – Ismailia
* Faculty of Agriculture – Assiut University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Benha University – Moshtohor
* The Higher Institute of Agricultural Cooperation - Shobra
* Faculty of Agriculture – Alexandria University – Damanhour
* Faculty of Agriculture – Zagazig University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Tanta University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Suez Canal University – Al-Arish
* Faculty of Agriculture – Ain Shams University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Cairo University
* Institute of Efficient Productivity – Zagazig
* Faculty of Agriculture – Kafr el-Sheikh University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Mansoura University
* Faculty of Agriculture – Fayoum University
*Activities to be done during the tournament

Sports Activities
1- Soccer
2-Volleyball (men)
3-Volleyball (women)
4-Table Tennis (men)
5-Table Tennis (women)
*Artistic Activities
* Plastic arts
*Singing and playing musical instruments

Cultural Activities
*Information Competition
*Wall Magazines

Social Activities
*Chess (men)
*Chess (women)
*Social Research

Public Service Activity
*Public Service
*Parade queue

Organizing Committees
In order to organize and steer work of the agricultural tournament, some committees were grouped as follows:

-Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf al-Kady, vice-president for Education and Students "Honorary chairperson of the tournament"
-Prof. Dr. Samir Ahmed Seif al-Yazzal, dean of Faculty of Agriculture "Chairperson of the tournament"
-Prof. Dr. Adel Abdullah Abu Arab – vice-dean for Education and students "General Supervisor"
-Prof. Dr. Magda Soliman Abdullah, vice-faculty for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs "Supervisor over committees of artistic activity, public service and media"
-Dr. Ahmed Abdel Moneim al-Shewy – vice-dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Supervisor over committees of cultural activity, social activity, and media"
-Dr. Ahmed Moawed Emam, assistant professor at Department of Biochemistry " Tournament Coordinator"
-Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Rady, assistant professor at Department of Botany " assistant coordinator of the tournament"
-Prof. Dr. Sanaas Abu Srie, professor at Department of Plant Protection, and dean of Faculty of Kindergarten "Executive president of Public Relations in the tournament"

Sports Activity Committee
-Dr. Ahmed Moawed Emam, Committee Head
-Mr. Hisham Awes, manager of sports activity in the faculty – member
-Mr. Ashraf Sayed Sadek, sports worker in the faculty – member

Committee of Cultural Activity
-Prof. Dr. Kamal Hasan Morsy Ghalab – assistant professor at Crops Department - Committee Head
-Mr. Mohamed Yahia Abdel Fattah- Social Worker at the university – member
-Ms. Dalia Ahmed Amin - Social Worker at the university – member

Committee of Artistic Activity
-Dr. Alaa Eddine Abdel Latif al-Fakharany – lecturer at department of Industries - Committee Head
Mr. Wael Hamdy – Supervisor of Artistic Activity in the university – member

Social Activity Committee
-Prof. Dr. Emad Fathy Dowidar – assistant professor at Botany Department - Committee Head
-Mr. Hosny al-Garhey – member

Committee of Public Service Activities
-Dr. Usama Abdel Tawab Saudi – lecturer at Microbiology Department - Committee Head
-Eng. Usama Abdel Latif al-Agry, Garden Engineer in the university – member
Mr. Motaz Ahmed Abu-leil, member
Mr. Mohamed Mohamed Faragallah, University General Manager of Youth Welfare and Executive Manager of Activities
Mr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah al-Busaty, Faculty General Manager of Youth Welfare and Assistant Executive Manager of Activities

























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