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6th Fayoum Conference at Faculty of Archaeology

April 23-24, 2007

   The following are the recommendations of the 6th Fayoum Conference which was held under the patronage of Prof. Adel Tobia, Dean of Faculty of Archaeology and conference chairman:
1-Giving due care to the archeological areas.
2-Submitting the findings of lectures and studies on Fayoum antiquities to the concerned authorities to be put into action.
3-Upgreding and enhancing the archaeological and tourist places, and putting guide signs to guide the tourists as well as the archaeologists. 4-Cooperating with all the concerned authorities - whether are archaeological, tourist, or environmental - in enhancing the archaeological areas.
5-Putting signs in every archaeological area.
6-Building bridges of cooperating among academic bodies involved in archaeological excavation in Fayoum.
7-Setting up a national museum for Fayoum antiquities.
8-Preparing catalogs and some brochures to make Fayoum antiquities known.
9-Taking the natural environment of Fayoum City into consideration to be developed touristically.
10-Paving the roads leading to the archaeological areas.
11-Rehabilitating some places of interest to make them touristically attractive.
12-Giving due care to the nature reserves in Fayoum.
13- Working further with colleagues at the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) to study and advertise what is discovered of antiquities.
14-Adding a new course called "The Automated Systems in Antiquities" to the faculty bye-law.

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