*Dr. Somaia Al-Sayed Gouda Appointed as Acting Vice Dean of Faculty of Computers and Information      *Council of Islamic Archaeology Department      *Council of Egyptology Department      *Council of Conservation Department      *The Library Committee
Prof.Dr. Ashraf Hussein Mahmoud Abdullah Prof.Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Fawzy Essawy
Prof.Dr. Yaser Magdy Anwar Hatana Dr. Ahmed Elham Ahmed Fares
Dr. Nadir Shabaan Zaki Attia   Prof.Dr. Ghada Murshed Ahmed Murshed
Assistant Professor
Dr. Yaser Mahmoud Ibrahim El-Sheikh Dr. Hany Faiz Habashy Sedhom
Dr. Amr Abdel Moneim Mohamed El-Nagary Dr. Mohammad Salah Eldin Mohammad Hassan
Dr.SalahEldin Mohamed Said Soliman Dr.Mohamed Ibrahim AbdElAziz
Dr. Walid Sayed Ahmed Aldabany  
Dr. Tamer Mohamed Mohamed Rashad ElGaabary Dr. Sherif Maher AbouElMaaty
Dr.ElAshraf Mohammad Thabet Mohammad Dr.Mohammad Fathy Ibrahim Ahmed Zydan
Dr.khaled Rabie Diab Abdel Gawad Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Abdelhamid
Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Rahman Ahmed Mohammad  
Assistant Lecturer
Dr. Hitham Hasan Mohamed Dr. Kamal Eldin Shebl Badawy
Dr. Hassan Mahmoud Rafik Abdin Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ismail Ahmed
Dr.Sameh Mohammad Samir Saleh Dr. Mahmoud Badawy Moawad
Dr. Mahmoud Abd El Tawab Mahmoud Soror  
Dr. Mohammed Salah Eldin Mohammed Hassan Dr.Mohamed Yasin Ali Othman
Dr.Ahmed Hamdy Mahmoud Ibrahim Dr. Ahmed Mohamed ahmed Ali
Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mohamed Farag Dr. Mohamed Shaaban Mohamed Mahmoud
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