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  ACTSAU Student Mobility Program          25July2011                   (Expired)

Fayoum University announces that sophomores and juniors are invited to submit their applications to the student mobility program launched by the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities (ACTSAU). Applications are due later than August 4, 2011.

Required Specialties

Total Number of Applicants Required

Number of Applicants Required







Taiz University

Chemistry / Laboratory Science 


Sultanate of Oman 

University of Nizwa



Neelain University


Eligibility Criteria

1-Applicant must be a fresh student or a senior student.

2-Applicant must be a distinguished student.

3-Applicant must be well-learned.

4-Applicant must be involved in student activities.

5-Applicant must be able to afford the cost of his travel to the host university.


--All interested students are invited to contact one of the following:

*Vice-Dean for Education and Students' Affairs

*University Coordinator at the ACTSAU Prof. Mohammad Mohammad Al-Rabiey, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, Faculty of Computers and Information

*Faculty Student Union

*University Student Union

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