*Continuing Exams at all Faculties of Fayoum University      *Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs Council No. 145      *Dr. Moataz Ali Hassan Appointed as Vice Dean of Faculty of Physical Education      *University President Checks Exams of the Second Semester      *University President Congratulates on the Occasion of 10th of Ramadan victory Anniversary
Department Council
Head of Department

Prof.Dr. Tharwat El-Sayed El-Desouky Radwan

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Anwar Karam
Dr. Nabil Abo El- Kassem Abo El- Kassem
Dr. Reda Mohammad Mohammad
Dr. Hesham Mohammad Abbas
Dr. Hesham Hassanein Elfayoumi
Dr. Yasser Shaaban Moursi
Dr. Asmaa Ahmed adawy Ahmed
Dr. Asmaa Khamis El-Ruby
Dr. Amany Mohamed Mohamed Riad
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