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Department Council
Supervisor of the Department Council

Prof.Dr.. Saleh Abdel Alim Mohamed

Prof. Dr. Hadir Mohamed Mohamed Bakir
Prof. Dr. Abd El-Naby Ibrahim Essawy Saleh
Prof.Dr. Berry AbdelGhani Sabra
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al-Kadi
Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Abdel Salam Maklof
Prof.Dr.Samir Moustafa Hasan El-Medani
Prof.Dr. Mamdouh Ahmed Mohamed Taha
Prof. Dr.Nagwa Burham Burham
Prof. Dr. Fatehia Korany Mohammed Taher
Prof. Dr. Nadia Helal Yahia Helal
Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Rabeey
Dr. Gamal Hassan Tammam
Dr. Hesham Alsayed Elfki
Dr. Ramadan Moawed Abdel Motalib
Dr.Adel Mohamed Abdel Gawad
Dr. Ehab Ali El-Kady
Dr. Ghada Mohamed Ahmed
Dr. Alaa Ropy Mahmoud Sayed Osman
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