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*Duty of consolation           *Congratulation by the holy month of Ramadan           *Appointment d. Mohamed Ahmed Ali Helaly as a teacher      *Meeting Dean with administrators      *Seminar Master Thesis for the study / Neveen Fathy Mustafa Mahmoud     
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Faculty of Science aims to consolidate knowledge of basic and applied sciences as well as adding to them through modern research done in state-of-the-art scientific areas.Besides,it is oriented at transferring this recent knowledge to the young generations of students and faculty staff via upgraded study programs keeping pace with the highly accelerating technology. Also, it aims at enriching knowledge and scientific research and publishing research in the worldwide scientific magazines. The faculty, in addition, is trying to have close ties with the local and industrial sector, public service institutions and with environment protection societies with the aim of raising the economic and social standard of the Egyptian citizen.

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Duty of consolation Congratulation by the holy month of Ramadan


The date of the Faculty Council meeting

Travel grants to China to young researchers less than 45 years

The deadline for the Committee on Graduate Studies and Research Meeting

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