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    College Board meeting No. (251)  

   under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research Board of the Faculty of Science held its meeting (251) on 10/06/2015 at exactly eleven o'clock in the morning at the headquarters of the College Board. The Council was attended by Messrs agents college and Heads of Departments and members of the Faculty Council. Where Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research initiated a work session, calling for the Lady Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Bakir roar Dean and President of the Council healing and good health. This has Bdasiadth ratify the minutes of the previous meeting and Mnaakechmodoat received from the Committee on Education and Student Affairs, and the topics listed as well as from the Committee on Graduate Studies and Research and the Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development and the Committee for Cultural Relations, in addition to the subjects of the Library Committee • As pointed sovereignty and the need to submit assignments before 31/10 / 2015 for the first semester and the date 31/03/2016 m for the second semester. • Then eat sovereignty college hosting the session for four days for quality standards as well as the work of the university complex scientific instruments available to them as a program at the university level to the non-recurrence of the purchase of any other similar devices University. The meeting also discussed a number of topics are as follows: - • the university's decision on the agenda of the periodic examinations for each semester and students organized a calendar to work year. • League's decision regarding the approval of the rules of transfers of top teams and move under the old students of the faculties of the university in the academic year 2015/2016 and the proposals of some colleges to the Supreme transfers the difference. • the university's decision to ban travel university leaders and gentlemen faculty and ancillary staff members during the months of May and June 2015 m. • League's decision not to reward allowance (Faculty Council - District Councils - Education and Student Affairs Council - the Council of Graduate Studies and Research - Community Service Council and Environmental Development) to one of the workers with effect from the academic year 2015/2016 based on legal advice and commit to the report of the device Central Auditing Organization in this regard. • the university's decision not to discount what has been spent of the masters of the teaching staff and ancillary staff members from the days of observation in the work of the previous examinations, which was applied to the 60 pounds to a faculty member and 40 pounds of body adjutant Based on legal advice • the intention of the Faculty of Science - Alexandria University on the Organization of the session scout and guide for the science faculties at Egyptian universities during the last week of July 2015. • speech media center director of the university regarding the coordination with the center in any internal information activities or from external media destinations, due to the sensitivity of the current stage and so that recording media activities for all units of the University in accordance with the instructions and directives of the university president. • adoption of the most important achievements of the Gaza Community Service and Environmental Development, for the academic year 2014/2015 m • approval of the administrative and financial regulations of the center "environment smart • Consider and technology research in a speech d / Ahmed Saad Juma Khalil - project coordinator for sustainable sources of water - about the organization of course electronic summer for students faculties of science, engineering and agriculture. • Find a speech Mr. D / Vice President for community service and environmental development, who discussed the Education Committee and student Affairs regarding reconsider the establishment of faculties (industrial education - renewable energy - fisheries and fisheries Science) due to the need for labor market her and what fits Fayoum community. • speech D / Vice-President for the development of the environment at the University of Mansoura about giving a copy of the number of community service (43-4) for the 2014 issue of the Journal (Journal of environmental Sciences Mansoura University) • speech D / Chief of nuclear material in connection with giving a copy of the third issue of the scientific journal of nuclear science. • discuss matters pertaining to assignment of the masters of faculty and staff appointments.

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