*Seminar on "Occupational Safety and Health in Laboratories"           *«Effect of iron oxides, aluminum and nano-silicone on the resistance of ordinary Portland cement for fire»           *Prof. Arafa Sabry, Dean of the Faculty, participates in the inauguration ceremony of Fayoum University Graduates Association      *Reception of new students      *Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee     


    Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development Month Stbembr 2015  

   The Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development, on Sunday 13/09/2015, headed by Prof. Dr. / Nadia Hilal Yahya. Vice Dean for Development Affairs and the Environment and the Chairman of the Committee and the membership of both the gentlemen of community service following names: 1. D / Dehom Abdul Hamid valiant. 2. d / Hussein Hassan Badri. 3. d / Abdul Muhsin Muhammad Bahh. 4. d / Mohammed Agha. 5. A / Ahmed Mukhtar Ahmed. 6. A / starchy Mohammed Mustafa. ** Has apologized for the audience: D / Nabil Abu al-Qasim. D / Abdul Karim Mamedabd Latif. D / Essam El-Din Ibrahim. Was launched by Prof. Dr. / Nadia Hilal Yahya (In the name of God the Merciful) welcomed Messrs Aloedatm dealt sovereignty consideration of the agenda and recommendations and discussions that resulted in the following manner: - ratify the minutes of the previous meeting on 12/07/2015. - Showing a proposed annual executive sector plan community service and development environment for the academic year 2015-2016 - Showing folded own achievements Agency Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science for the academic year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic year. - Show that, according to Director General of Fayoum culture regarding the nomination of wishing names to participate in the establishment of scientific education club and the development of the plan and the program of the gentlemen doctors and teaching assistants so that the founding of the club and start implementing the activity - View received from the public administration to serve the community and environmental projects in connection with preparations for the university Celebratory science festival eighth in 2015, and provide them with the required data. - Show that, according to Professor / President's Advisor e-learning and information technology regarding the contract and the exhibition The Fifth International Conference on e-learning Zen Center for e-learning at the University of Bahrain, under the title: "The Fifth International Elearning Conference and Exhibition: Cognitively Informed Technology", in the period from 18 to October 20 of the year 2015 - show that, according to Professor / President of the third International Conference on Science and nanotechnology, organized by South Valley University in the city of Hurghada in the period from 22/25 February 2016 - preparations for the new academic year in terms of follow-up the different facets for the start of the study - follow-up maintenance work altogether.

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