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    Quality meeting to discuss the progress of adoption  

   a meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Mohammed Bakir roar Dean of the Faculty of Science to discuss the possibility of progress for adoption on Sunday 05/10/2015 the Great Hall of the college where he attended the celebrations. D / Ahmed Al Jaber meeting severe Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and D / Mahmoud Huwaydi university president Advisor for quality and D / Ali Abdel Azim, director of quality assurance center of the university and gentlemen agents and gentlemen, faculty and staff members. The meeting was opened by the word of D / roar Mohammed Bakir Dean College welcomed Messrs attendance and congratulated the new academic year also confirmed in her sovereignty of the masters of the faculty members on the need to complete various activities altogether and review the criteria for drawing. Then she gave sovereignty floor D / Mahmoud Huwaydi where he is in his speech how important the Faculty of Science of the rest of the colleges and the importance of Higher Education Accreditation Manual and what are the most important points that should be adopted by any college to gain access to adoption and the importance of student participation in the teaching and learning strategy and understand the vision, mission, according for the development of the college and its strategy, and this applies to graduate students as well. Where he explained that the sovereignty of the Plan of scientific research and statistics examinations and Alorteuro file and update the vision and mission of the college on a regular basis of the most important topics of interest to the external auditor. Sovereignty Ali also stressed the need for the college offers access to rely where sovereignty Naakec opened in several axes Important Mnhakth strategic Aulyathaothadit annual report for 2015 .oaatmad academic standards of the body and the importance of scientific research and selection methods Supervisors of the college plan and how to take advantage of the resources available to the College. As sovereignty also discussed the provision of financial resources to the Quality Assurance Unit and Kevihugod system of internal and external audit. In conclusion sovereignty and stressed the need to work questionnaires and analyzing the results of corrective make decisions based on the Ntaijaha. Then came the word a d / Ahmed Jaber severe, who confirmed that the university will not be late for their constructive contribution towards the Faculty of Sciences and about access to the adoption of this great edifice, where he has been a great deal of criteria that qualify for accreditation and therefore we must act to propose Prof. Mahmoud Huwaidi that is limited to the standards and the extent to which each of the criteria and what is the time required for the completion of each standard and what percentage of each standard are met. Then the word prof / Ali Abdel Azim Ali came the need for the college offers to adopt as the Faculty of Science has a different potential of projects, laboratories and scientific possibilities that enable them to have access to credit.

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