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    Meeting of the Committee on Libraries for the month of October 2015  

    that on Monday, 18.10.2015 AD has been to the Library Committee meeting attended by the members of the committee, headed by the libraries. D / Jamal Hassan Tammam Whoever • D / Ashraf Hussein • D / Ismail Abdul Zahir • D / Rania Jaber • d / immortality Ahmed Hamida • A / Ahmed Haggag Abdel Tawab where the meeting was opened by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Jamal Tamam chairman of the Committee meeting to welcome the honorable members of the Committee and congratulating the new academic year praying to Allah Almighty to be a good year for everyone. And then start looking at the works on display table, where she discussed several groups Important Jaouat as follows: - - work to receive the students and the emphasis on the regularity of the library where * making lists of library organization and method of entry order. * Order books on the shelves and organized by classification numbers for each department and the renewal of the data indicative of the divisions and subsidiaries. * Division of labor Library and distributed to library staff both by his job. * Receive work books from the department stores, a metaphor and see the wavering forms metaphor and distributed to the staff of both books by dividing responsible for him. * A computer to put in the entrance to the library in order to receive students and register directly on the library system. * Student registration data when they need written any section within inform the hesitant book. * Student registration data when you need to portray the ledger books of photography. * Action billboards rules and regulations to enter the library shows as well as the dissemination of the alerts inside the library and guidance. They also discussed the letter received from Mr. A. D., Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research on the provision of a list of the needs of the college of Informed books that do not have copies of the Library

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