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    A training course on how to maintain security and safety within the laboratory  

    in the framework of Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum and under the supervision of Prof. / roar Mohammed Bakir sector activities - Dean and D / Nadia Hilal - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development held a training course on how to keep Security and safety inside the plant, where the college Hall of the seminar was held training course held from 8-9 / 11/2015. Where he lectured on the first day of Prof. Dr. / Fethiye horns Muhammad, professor of chemistry Elah- Department and the presence of the minutes of the labs and spoke sovereignty for precautions safety and the general rules of safety that should be informed to the students before entering the lab from the need to wear a white petticoat, not to take any personal or foods belongings inside the lab, not to inhale chemicals closely, not to wear loose fitting clothing, avoid side conversations and also not to throw broken glass inside the lab as well as make sure they put out all electrical appliances before going out of the plant .. etc. She also praised sovereignty need to create laboratories and the necessity of having all the precautions and safety security inside laboratories (valid fire extinguishers and pharmacies equipped) before the study to preserve the lives and safety of the students and all of existing laboratory, and then spoke of sovereignty for some laboratory incidents and how to work first aid to her, as I talked about ingredients basic duty presence inside the bag first aid. They also referring to some of the points which: • roads safe when handling chemicals and handle • Methods of entry of chemicals into the body • the effects of harmful substances (Alachtnaq- effects Acommh- Alakzima- than skin ulceration eye irritation) also lectured D / Ahmed Yousef judge - Professor, Department of Chemistry Elah- where he began sovereignty definition of shock and first aid have also signs of shock and then explained sovereignty some of the points most important: • what is bleeding • first aid for external bleeding • first aid thermal burns, chemical and electrical • first aid for bites and stings • first aid eye • safety signs • Icon icons on the containers of hazardous • chemicals use fire • extinguisher public safety precautions for the prevention of environmental hazards on the second day of the session corresponding to 09/11/2015 lectured D / Najla Mr. Refaat Ismael - Professor of Zoology Department where he offered sovereignty waste types and methods to get rid of them altogether, given technological development which has led to the large number of waste and became disposed of a complex process and there are a number of government agencies and units of the regulations governing the proper disposal of waste, it also imposes severe penalties for any college ignore the disposal of waste Right. As he also talked sovereignty for some points including: • recycling "small garbage" -aakab Alsjair- • recycling food waste and batteries • Waste Management At the end of the session gentlemen recommended the minutes of the laboratory some of the recommendations, including: - 1. the need for an assessment and incentive moral of the formulators. 2. The need for maintenance work on fire extinguishers periodically.

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