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    A delegation of students Hawari Preparatory School For Boys in Fayoum  

   received the Faculty of Science on Sunday 11/15/2015 a delegation of students Hawari Preparatory School For Boys in Fayoum where he received students Prof. Dr. / Nadia Hilal - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development in collaboration with the Department of Youth Welfare college has students visited the college labs Learn the different departments of the college, as well as devices on them. The visit began with a visit microbiological laboratory of Botany Department, where the A / Amani Mohammed - Assistant Lecturer, the department explained the simplified different types of fungi, bacteria, algae, as I knew on some devices and functions, including the microscope, Spktrovotomitr, oven, nursery, nursery rocking. Then students visited the Department of Geology, where accompanied them a / Mohammed Juma Ahmed - Lecturer in the department - to work round the department and the discussion of some special material Geology terms with the students and told them on some models of fossils chiropractic, as well as many different types of rocks and a collection of rare minerals and gems found the department. After that, the students visited the Department of Physics, where the explanation d / Abdul Mohsen Bahh spoke sovereignty of some of the basics of physics also spoke about some of the points, including the • properties of electromagnetic waves • radioactive contamination and its adverse effects on the human body • uranium enrichment • What is the UV and applications • optical • year meant the temperature and how it moves and sovereignty students urged to pay attention to scientific literacy, culture, and not to listen to ideas for the advancement of destructive Aziz Bbotunna. Finally, students visited the Department of Chemistry labs where the a / Samar Ahmed - Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, explaining some of the basics of organic chemistry, as well as to be followed at the entrance to the laboratory precautions. At the end of the visit, the supervisors of the students expressed their need for another visit extended to students and thanked the teachers and staff of the college to welcome the great interest and value of the information that was displayed.

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