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    Dynamic models of the earth .... from Wagner to Tkto intention Aloahy cover  

   within the framework of scientific activity of the Faculty of Science and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe Vice President of Fayoum University for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Bakir roar Dean of the Faculty of Science and the supervision and coordination of Prof. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, of the Faculty of Science for Graduate Studies and Research and the presence of Prof. Hilal Ahmed Sobhy Mansour and D.sid Dr. Abdul Aziz. Ahmed and Dr. J. Mohammed Agha and Prof. Saleh Aoun and Prof. Dr. Ehab forbid. Abdul Karim Abdul Latif and a group of assistants and first year students Department of Geology and graduate students to attend college lecture entitled "Dynamic models of the Earth: the tectonic Aloahi Vagendz to cover." Where he gave Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mr. Zakaria Hmamy - Professor of Geology, Faculty of Science, Benha University. The lecture was opened by Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research speech in which he welcomed Guest Karim and Gentlemen introduced to a brief biography of Dr. / Zakaria Mr. Hmamy. As sovereignty talked about the importance of this lecture from the scientific value for students of regular and postgraduate studies. This was the start of Prof. Zakaria Hmamy lecture speech expressed the thanks and appreciation to the University of Fayoum for hosting sovereignty and review important theories and modern raised about the evolution of the Earth and its atmosphere rock starting from the ground hollow hypothesis, passing through the hypothesis of continental drift, which has become the foundation on which is built upon one of the most important theories in the fields of science, a theory plate tectonics Plate tectonics published in 1968 .. the tectonic theory, one of five theories in various scientific fields panels; namely: the theory of the great Alanfja in astronomy, and relative Einstein in physics, periodic table in chemistry, and the theory of evolution (rejected from the point of view religious and Islamic; to believe Charles Darwin that man evolved from the ape), and the theory of plate tectonics .. as you prefer sovereignty Give adequate idea of ​​plate tectonics theory, and how it has become a general framework for understanding the dynamic situation and evolutionary for the land, threw more light on the most important objections against this theory and scientific point of view, leading some scientists to do subtracting alternative hypotheses, such as: tectonic flow Surge tectonics hypothesis and finally hypothesis tectonic cover Aloahi Plume-lid tectonics and raised in during the Gioprlin 15 at the University of Berlin's Free German Conference .. to facilitate the emerging students, as a comparison between the different hypotheses and theories raised from the ground, and a link to all that some things, such as: search and exploration of mineral resources, climate change and the diversity of living species on the earth's surface, differing sea and ocean chemistry. At the end of the lecture sovereignty he listened to the questions attendees and answered.

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