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    "Meteorites between the scientific and the Islamic perspective."  

    in the framework of the scientific activities of the college and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe and Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Bakir roar dean of the college held a scientific lecture titled "meteorites between the scientific and the Islamic perspective" on Wednesday 24/20/2016 conciliator Hall ceremonies building Faculty of Computing where he lectured Prof. Mohamed Tharwat Salah structure Professor of igneous rocks and Altolh- Geology Department - Faculty of Science, Tanta University and founder and president of the Arab Association for meteorites and space sciences, where received sovereignty Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Abdel-Salam and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and gentlemen agents and members of the faculty, Department of Physics and Geology and relationships the public. Opened Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Abdel-Salam lecture speech in which he expressed how happy overall hosted by Dr. / Mohamed Tharwat what the sovereignty of scientific value in the fields of earth sciences in the world, through the biography of its sovereignty and share his knowledge and his work in all the Arab countries and most of the foreign countries and that Masss Arab Association of meteorites and space sciences to become its sovereignty as its chairman. Also delivered Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Tharwat structure of the word was pleased with the overwhelming presence of the inside of Fayoum University and the Faculty of Science, which is one of the leading universities in all its business and it is our pleasure and also his presence at the Faculty of Science in particular also extended thanks and appreciation to Prof. Roar Mohammed Bakir dean of the college faculty and gentlemen agents, professors and students to attend. Sovereignty lecture began defining meteorites as a solids swims in space and often falling on the Earth's surface and then be craters are similar to craters craters in often. This has sovereignty, he said, despite the presence of meteorite rich in the Arab world did not take this science ... science meteorites interest supposed Arab scientists, perhaps the lack of research centers and universities in Arabic and equipment and devices for the study, or because the quality of the study is concerned with imported rocks from space (stones celestial) note that the study of meteorites occupied the great interest in terms of study and scrutiny of European and American research centers for nearly 50 years due to the correlation of these studies and research space astronomy and their environmental impacts as well as economic significance. He also spoke about Egypt and some Nile basin countries (such as Ethiopia-Uganda-Sudan-Kenya) occupies a privileged position in the Arab and international presence meteorite, in addition to North African countries such as Libya, Algeria, Morocco. Also meteorite craters exist in Mauritania. Meteors as those celestial objects illuminate the sky and mostly fades into the atmosphere of the space before colliding with the Earth has been known has been divided geologists and astronomers meteorites divided into four groups: 1. Alkondraat a more meteorites widespread and consists of a small mixed granules in size and spherical in shape, and scientists think that this type of meteorites represents what remains of the original article dust that was found in the initial nebula that formed from the solar system. 2. Allakendraat or stony meteorites that do not contain spherical granules which typically consist of likeness metals minerals that are peridotite but differed from its proximity to the high levels of iron and nickel, as a result of a material transferred Alkondraat result of melting the influence of temperature of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. 3. stony meteorites iron which contains large amounts of iron, nickel and base metals Celikatih such as pyroxene and olivine which is often composed of fusion material Alkondraat, and reflect high economic value because they contain precious metals such as aquamarine. 4. Iron meteorites is composed of iron and nickel, were probably originally concentrated in the heart of the asteroid as a result of its high density. And Alkondraat represents the remainder of the solid material that was included in the initial nebula that the fact that the solar system, and which supports this view, the remarkable similarity between the chemical composition of organic Kondraat and installation of Sun Chemical and this is proof that the origin of these two types of celestial objects simultaneously. This also explained sovereignty negative environmental impacts of mass destruction to the surrounding environment of the area of ​​meteorite .. and positive transformation of that region a natural ecological reserve where nozzles crash and remnants of shrines and tourist resorts such as meteorite craters which turned out great lakes in Canada, Australia and the United States made up and it's up to the Earth every day from space million of rock masses, but most of these rock masses just a meteor does not affect the land, while those considered meteorites Fddh very few. He also explained the most important sources of meteorites, as well as months of meteorites that hit the Earth and the importance of economic meteors and perspective of Islamic meteors scientific discoveries and astronomical phenomena repeated like a solar eclipse and lunar meteorites, comets where Ntaul sovereignty, pointing to some Koranic verses of meteorites and the descent of the iron from the sky black stone Assaad Kaaba . And he said the Koran meteors and meteorites representative in verse, "I have made in the sky Brouja and garnish for Nzeran (16) and Hfeznha of every devil (17) only enslaved hearing Votbah Shihab shown (18) and how the descent of the iron from the sky has proven astrophysics and Science Scholars galaxies and nebulae in the origins of the universe that iron components were very common in the Super Nova and Nova that formed embryos of galaxies and nebulae, stars and so on. in other words, the iron in all the planets and moons comes from the basic sky and a whale of deep secrets. where he was martyred sovereignty Blaah gracious "and sent down iron in which very fine and benefits for the people, "also urges the sovereignty of the black stone," al-Asaad, "it is the decoration of the Kaaba and the lap-Assaad .. told him Ka'aba that Mubarak stone from the sky .. is jacinth heaven," "The sincerity of our Prophet and the great Prophet and geology, astronomers Makhltv countries of the world a small part of this black stone has laboratory geological, chemical and physical studies have shown that stone heavenly output of either of the meteor Vdhaiaa or meteor had hit the earth in Mecca since ancient times .. clashed this meteor rocks Mecca volcanic basalt and around rocks called tektites which is quite similar to Berkanyat Black glass generally accepted in the name of Geology Alobsidon. At the end of the lecture sovereignty listened to several questions for students and the members of the faculty and respond to them as thanks for the sovereignty of all the good reception

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