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    "Students do with the surrounding environment."  

    in the framework of Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum sector activities organized by the Faculty of Science at Fayoum University, a seminar for students related to the surrounding environment, in the final day of a week of environmental, organized by the college in the period from February 21 to 24 th, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Khaled Hamza - President of Fayoum University, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Mohammed roar Buger- Dean of the College and Professor / Nadia Hilal - Vice Dean for community service and environmental development. Lectured at the seminar Prof. Dr. / Najla lifted - Professor animal college science department, spoke of sovereignty from the need to integrate the student in the surrounding environment and the definition of the importance of preservation and how to deal with it and also the need to improve the conditions that help to increase the oxygen content in the air by the presence of various crops - and that he should stop and hopes of what the nature of the wind and the sun and green environment because they are considered gifts to us from the environment must be preserved to avoid resorting to drugs. Sovereignty also said the relationship with the environment is a two-way relationship astronomical take care of your environment and maintain your health should be taken care of first, healthy environment is conducive to a healthy society and a better quality of life. She announced to the need to recycle and reuse waste, whether domestic or industrial or agricultural, so as to minimize the impact of these residues and accumulation on the environment where this process is done by classification and separation of waste on the basis of their existing raw materials and re-manufacturing of each item separately. In Seal it confirmed its sovereignty to the need to rationalize water and electricity consumption, and the purchase of energy-saving devices, also explained the importance of the role of the media in educating members of the community and how the importance of preserving the environment.

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