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    How to evacuate the college building in an emergency  

    in the framework of Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum sector activities organized by the Faculty of Science at Fayoum University, a seminar on how to evacuate the college building in an emergency, and that in the final day of a week of environmental, organized by the college in the period from February 21 to 24 current, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Khaled Hamza - President of Fayoum University, and the supervision of Prof. Dr. / roar Mohammed Buger- Dean of the College and Professor / Nadia Hilal - Vice Dean for community service and environmental development, and I've symposium attended by a number of college students and administrators. Present at the seminar Colonel / Aladdin Hashim sector - director of security, was His Eminence explained the map of all the role of building the college and also evacuation plan and emergency exits with the presentation of the scheme has been implemented for each Doraly alone and how to act in case of any emergency the college as well as the plan of action of each role so access to the assembly points and the door of the emergency, as explained sovereignty risks that may be exposed to college and how to behave types when they occur. Eating sovereignty at the symposium that will be configured different groups of college students in case of any emergency, including: group evictions - Safety Group - Fire Group - a group separation of electric current, which explained the role and functions of each group, as mentioned sovereignty that the success of the requirements of responding to crises and emergencies plan It depends on the crisis management team and the extent of training on how to spot the warning signs of the crisis and to take preventive measures and to contain the damage also depends on the available means, equipment and instruction manual that regulates the method of implementation of the plan.

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