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    First International Conference on basic sciences and environmental applications Faculty of Science  

   Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Khalid Ismail Hamza, president of the university saw Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research opening session of the first International Conference on basic sciences and environmental applications of the Faculty of Science, which will run from 3 - 04/04/2016 and on Sunday, 04.03.2016 Crystal Hall in Fayoum. In the presence of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Obeid, the acting dean of the college and the decision of the Conference and Prof. Dr. / Sabri Arafa Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference and a group of deans of colleges and university esteemed guests. Prof. began Ahmed Jaber severe speech welcoming the guests of the university, said that the organization of the First Conference of the Faculty of Science Fayoum University under is our years ago even managed to Prof. Dr. roar Bakir Dean and President of the Conference will go a long way in organizing the conference, but the will of God, which prevented that exist between us now, where she died about two weeks ago to ask God to Itagmayora mercy and inhabited paradise he referred to that science is the basis of the progress of civilizations and nations, prosperity and science is progress and urbanization measure was lifted God Almighty would scientists added that the conference aims to promote aspects of scientific and research activity between scientists and researchers Egypt and countries of the world in order to enrich and encourage scientific cooperation between researchers in addition to discuss the current developments and new horizons in the field of basic sciences and environmental applications. This may participate in the conference of about 150 scientists and researchers from the Egyptian, Arab, African and international universities and discuss 55 scientific medley search in various fields, including environmental pollution Alnano- technology - water treatment - material and nuclear physics. He said that he will be held on the sidelines of the conference eight public lectures and a number of workshops in the field of modern technology of different materials and biological sciences and industry, and other meteorites. At the end of his speech, thanked all those who contributed to the success of the conference and thanks and to the sponsors of the conference companies such as mineral salts company Emisal and ceramic Pharaohs and wished that the conference comes out with recommendations for the benefit of our university and our beloved Egypt, which is in dire need of thought and the efforts of its scientists. And he gave Prof. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Thanks to O.d.khald Hamza, Prof. Ahmed Jaber severe to provide all kinds of support to the conference and offered condolences for the loss of A.d.hder Mohammed Bakir and student attendance a minute's silence on the spirit and stated that the conference includes a series of scientific events of lectures, workshops and 29 throwing session and listen in a variety of fields of chemistry and nanotechnology and environmental pollution, water treatment, participate in the conference, a group of scientists and researchers from 16 Egyptian League of Arab universities from Iraq, Jordan and research centers, said that the conference underlines the university's keenness on the establishment of various scientific activities conferences and scientific seminars and workshops to achieve the mission, vision and goals of the university and wished Prof. Sabry knew that the objectives of the conference met, including the fruitful cooperation between faculty members from various universities and gave thanks to the team organizing committee of the conference and on the sidelines of the opening session has been one of the two films Tsjaliyn Fayoum University and the Faculty of Science was presented Prof. Hany Elsharkawi professor of physics department faculty and other documentary film about the province of Fayoum and display the most important tourist and archaeological sites out. This has our student Imad delivered a speech in lament the late Prof. Bakir roar

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