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    To the Committee on Education and Student Affairs for the month of April 2016  

   the Committee on Education and Student Affairs under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Khaled Hussein Hassan Zglul.okel College of Education and Student Affairs was held on Monday, 11.04.2016 in the presence of both the gentlemen members of their names follows: - 1-D / 2-Karam Mohamed Anwar d / Mahmoud Sophie 3. d / Ahmed Hussein and J. 4. a / Tariq Abdullah Syed Ahmed has been invited to attend both the Commission: 1. d / Zainab Ayad 2-d / 3 jaunty Abdullah d / Mehmet Ali Agca, 4- d / names Kamal 5. Assistant Secretary of the Union of the college student / Mohamed Ramadan students apologized Dr. / Adel Abdul Hakim attend Committee began where Prof. Khaled Hussein Zaghloul Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs welcomed the organ, and the Committee discussed the proposed agenda, which included topics: - ** Authentication of the minutes of the Committee on Education and Student Affairs previous No. (156) for the month of March 2016 ** display the results of the petitions of the first semester students for the academic year 2015 --2,016 where petitions have been reviewing all the students for the first semester of the academic year 2015-2016 and result matching degree excepting my Jiu Chemistry decision of the fourth Infantry Division (Geo / Chemistry). ** About the rules of transfers for teams Supreme where the Committee approved the conversion of the difference top to be a successful student will be a complete success and reportedly only the second band of the total converter which not more than courses that carry the student through clearing private college for two decisions of the school specialized courses in addition to the rapporteurs from the university requirement. ** Concerning the stopping of students enrolled in first year was determined by their position on the recruitment according to the model 6 Jund. ** About discussing a proposal for a list of scholarships model system of credit hours ** about developing a plan for the adoption of the college where it was approved that form a committee made up of: - Prof. Dr.-based action / Dean and Mr. Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and Dr. / Director quality unit to continue with the heads of departments and gentlemen faculty departments. ** Formation control of the second semester of the academic year 2015-2016.

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