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    Special message of the study / gift Mr. quality registered for the seminar Ph.D.  

    Hold Faculty of Science, University of Fayoum Hall of the seminar on Tuesday 05/03/2016 the seminar's message of the study / quality gift Mr. Ali recorded PhD under the title (the preparation and characterization of Slfoolominat Alheidaratah calcium precipitation and fire of nanometer materials) and under the supervision of Prof. / Barre Abdul Ghani patience Professor of Chemistry, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum Department (main supervisor). And D / Hamdi Ahmed Aldedamouni Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science - University of Zagazig and D / Saleh Abdul Alim Muhammad Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum where the aim of this research is to study the effect of nano-silica to form Alatranjit in two different ways and so prepare different mixtures of calcium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide prepared in the size of nanotechnology in addition to gypsum. The first method includes the deposition of these mixtures and keep track of the times when the composition Alatranjit Mkhanlvh starting from 6 hours to 28 days. While the second method involves the burning of these mixtures at different temperatures until reaching the right temperature to burn mixtures keeps track of all of the calcium free oxide ratios, as well as silica and alumina is dissolved ratios are then Hedrh these mixtures and so Nuang Alhedrh trackers at different times. The importance of this research in the production of cements consume less energy than Portland cement in burning and also during production rising less than carbon dioxide ratio. All analytical results have proved that the presence of Nanoselka in mixtures prepared to form Alatranjit increases the composition of this phase and that the rate of teacher configured using the method of burning mixtures used be higher than the configured in a manner sedimentation rate. The study has to respond to all the questions raised, including suggesting she understands the subject of the message very well, so and based on his performance during the debate, and our review of the work that has been done to assure valid for display on the judging panel of the message.

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