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    Annual Scientific Conference of the Department of Zoology  

    Hold the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum Section Annual Scientific Conference on Alaravaoualmuaq 04/05/2016 Hall of the seminar faculty, where is the Department of Zoology one sectional prestigious Faculty of Science, University of Fayoum The conference was attended by Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El Fattah - Acting Dean and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and research, and Prof. Dr. / Khaled Zaghloul - Vice Dean for Education and student Affairs and a number of faculty department and a number of student members. Where he reviewed Dr. / Adel Abdul-Hakim - head of the Department of Zoology structure for career section, and the people that the Department of Zoology taught her as well as the section modulus as divided into student coefficient (including three plants) and other research (histology and invertebrates and insects Research Laboratory, Research Physiology Laboratory and immune special laboratory researches fish) wealth. Sovereignty achievements graduate also said the department of missions and the number of registrations for the master's and doctoral them * - for professor / Mohammed Nabil (from abroad) a master's degree, * - for professor / Heba Mohamed Rabie (teacher assistant section) on Drjhacanutorah specialty stromal cell, * -osemnar for master's own message accompanying teachers Sara Sami Barsoum (gastrulation section) devoted to invertebrates and parasites. He also reviewed the sovereignty and also areas of work available to graduates are Teaching and research assistant college or research centers in the Ministry of Health: Laboratory and medical tests in various hospitals and clinics in the Ministry of Agriculture: animal research, research labs, Fisheries, while for the private sector: laboratories private hospitals and institutions scientific. The achievements of the section, namely: - * - get d / Iraqi Radwan Recep on the degree of associate professor in the specialty of Comparative Anatomy * - get d / Karim Mohamed Abdel Latif on the degree of associate professor in the specialty of cell biology and Alansh * - get d / allow Mamdouh Mohammed degree professor Assistant majoring in immunology * - the participation of faculty members and their assistants in all workshops and seminars held at the college level or combined * - Post section in the first scientific Conference of the College * - Post section of all its members quality faculty project. At the end of the conference was discussion among faculty and Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah and Prof. Dr. / Khaled Zaghloul suggestions about the development section has also been hearing the students' opinion on these proposals.

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