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    Graduate Studies Committee for the month of July 2016  

   The Committee for Graduate Studies for the month of June 2016 Briashalostaz / Mohammed Abdel Fattah Abdel-Salam and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and the membership of: - D / Suha Mohammed Hamdy D / Salah guarded Mr. D / Mahmoud Sabri Saif d / Reda Mohamed Taha Mr. / Hashim Ibrahim decile and apologize for Elhoudoro.d / Mohammed Saeed Abul-Ghar, professor and chairman of the Department of Geology and so on Alahaddalmuaq 07/17/2016 at the headquarters of the Office of Prof. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Abdel-Salam and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research opened the meeting Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Abdel-Salam Chairman of the Committee hello honorable members of the Committee and to mourn the death of the mother of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mohammed Saeed Abu laurel chairman of the geology department and a member of the Commission May the God's mercy and forgiveness of the deceased and make the graveyard paradise. Then sovereignty began consideration of the agenda as follows: - ** ratification of the Minutes of the previous meeting No. 9 dated 15/06/2016 m ** consider the approval of the Department of Botany change on the subject of doctoral own study / Mei Mustafa talents recorded message PhD Department of plant college and member of the joint supervision mission Institute for research Microbiology Academy Chinh for Lalom according to the request of the sovereignty and the approval of the supervisor's foreign and cultural Office in China ** access to the speech given by the Council of the mathematics department on the approval of D under the registration of the student / Mamdouh spring Mr. Assistant Lecturer, Department of mathematics faculty and the Registrar PhD on 13/07/2011 allocate purely mathematics for a year (first D) as of 07.12.2016, according to the report of the oversight committee and annual follow-up report of the Special Baldarc ** consider the write-off under the student / Mohammed Abdel-Qader Abdel-Sophie Qadir (from abroad) and recorded in the Master of Science in inorganic Chemistry where they were to approve the deletion of his Council of the Department of Chemistry at 06/01/2016 AD because of the irregularity of the student with the supervisors. Were sent number (3) alerts the student ** consider the approval of the Department of Zoology at the college door open enrollment and registration for scientific degrees for the academic year 2016/2017. ** Considered in the speech Alorad of the Prime Geology Department on approval for Mr. / Abdul Rahman spring Abdel Gawad on gastrulation Geology Department college study leave for a master's degree at the University of Poitiers state of France noted as a personal grant and that the university will not bear any study costs. ** Consider the approval of the Department of Mathematics faculty on the formation of committees to theoretical exams graduate of the second semester of the academic year 2015/2016 m. ** Consider the approval of the Department of Physics faculty to form a theory committees exams graduate semester second for the academic year 2015/2016 m ** consider the note before about the case study / Ahmed Mohamed Bakri registered Ph.D., Department of Chemistry to the point where extending his registration period ended and register (D in the third and last resort) on 20.04.2016 were sent over a letter to the department to decide on the study mentioned in terms of the formation of the jury or warning the student to cancel the registration has not been answered to date. ** Consider the note before on the status of the study / faith Shehata Saleh Khalil registered for a master's degree in Chemistry Department where it was approved to extend recorded for the third and final consent of the Faculty Council on 05/17/2016 The study did not pay the tuition and fees for extending enrollment to date despite from sending more than a warning of the study were sent a letter to the department to make a decision on the study has not been answered to date.

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