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    Cycle how candles  

   Within the framework of Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum sector activities Community service sector systems and development environment workshop titled How to make candles for employees altogether, and on Monday, 7/18/2016 ten o'clock in the morning, Department of Mathematics and the presence of D / Nadia Hilal, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and has lectured d / Ismail Abdul Zahir Showing where sovereignty presentation about the world of candles and have the following points discussed during the workshop: 1. types of candles 2. Disadvantages and advantages of candles 3. crank used for the manufacture of candles type. 4. types of molds used in the candle industry. 5. Casting and basic colors and ways how to finishing and polishing Then the D / Ismail Abdul Zahir practical application of how the business models of molds and candles. At the end of the workshop sovereignty listened to the questions and queries of the audience about what has been explained and thanked everyone on Makedmh value and important information.

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