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    Conditions apply for graduate studies  

   General Conditions : First, the terms of the progress of the post-graduate diploma: -1 Requires the student's enrollment to win any of the Graduate Diplomas in science disciplines in the advertiser and the people Anھa He must have Bachelor of Science degree from an Egyptian university degree or the equivalent Lھa from a scientific institute from a recognized university. Second, under the terms of the progress of the recording masters: -1 Requires the student's enrollment and registration of master's degree that have obtained a bachelor's degree in science from the Bio ѧ de omnibus ѧ s sucking ѧ Rih or Al ѧ j Lھa equivalent degree from a recognized scientific Last of the Supreme Council of Universities to estimate the cumulative Institute) LG ѧ d (and not for the Coordination ѧ Tq ѧ Deira ѧ P j m ѧ birth specialization ѧ Walt ѧ r j Wants to Voter Registration Bھa and specified by the relevant section of the estimate) very good (. 2. A registration under the master's degree student from the B ѧ yen a soft run correctly ѧ Al ѧ its estimates ѧ Deir p ѧ or acceptable to ѧ well in my drawer ѧ ѧ of Bey ѧ Alorیos Bach ѧ Rt share ѧ Olھ Al ѧ my Bio ѧ de Diplomas specialization grade of) very good (kidney ѧ its wake ѧ so Tq ѧ Deir) LG ѧ DG ѧ da (Al ѧ Z least ѧ for P ѧ j m ѧ birth specialization ѧ p or Iike ѧ Wen Has ѧ not Al ѧ Z Bio ѧ d Specialization diplomas from outside the college and on the same terms contained Internal Regulation of the College. -3 Applicants students received ѧ d Waltz ѧ generation tray ѧ of Almajs ѧ Terre and Has ѧ color Al ѧ my drawer ѧ of your ѧ Alorیos attic ѧ Om Ptq ѧ Dier Ji ѧ Dr. Al ѧ Z least ѧ for P ѧ my guy ѧ t specialization ѧ p. It may be required Qیdھm and enrolled after their performance exam Altoھیlیh courses that may یtalbھa relevant section Saatھa not be counted within the approved hours. -4 May be admitted obtaining the degree Alpes Kalorیos general grade) LG ѧ DG ѧ da (Al ѧ Z least ѧ's Logie ѧ DG ѧ da P ѧ Z Mq ѧ Rrat specialization ѧ r m n ѧ Aloks ѧ or honeydew ѧ Azerh Non-college corresponding to the listing and registration with a master's degree in Oksamھm. -5 Not accept students who have passed on their access to university degree ѧ of the first ѧ Z Okt ѧ LL ѧ nest ѧ n t o ѧ years except in the case ѧ ѧ of ѧ and share them with Al ѧ Z Bio ѧ d Diploma ѧ data Specialization and the same conditions contained Internal Regulation of the College. -6 Student completeness of any additional terms of the university deems necessary for registration and registration class. Third: Conditions apply for the listing and registration of the doctoral degree: -1 To be a holder of a master's degree in science ѧ Om m ѧ n Bio ѧ de omnibus ѧ s sucking ѧ Rih or drawer ѧ of equivalent ѧ of him ѧ a m ѧ n with him ѧ d aware ѧ Z brother ѧ t shined ѧ rack b ѧ e m ѧ n Supreme Council of Universities, and the same conditions contained internal regulation of the faculty and the stated article). (20 -2 Provides that the search for the subject of the message plan represents a valuable scientific adding new scientific based ѧ of Al ѧ Z w Innovative research ѧ ѧ t P ѧ Z Mod ѧ Ua Coordination Board ѧ Rh ѧ Q threshing ѧ data And senior research university based on the proposal of the Faculty Council for a period of at least two years to submit a message Tqublھa ends of the judging panel. Students are met any additional conditions it deems necessary for the university and registration under class. Fourth: Study system: The study carried Asaatalmatmdh system of the academic year is divided into two semesters Mdtھma thirtieth week) study and ѧ At that (یtkhallھm ѧ a malfunction ѧ of text ѧ P General and Mdtھa two weeks. NB : - It will not open the Division, but the existence of at least three students or having a Lecturer or Assistant Lecturer of the college in that Division. - Employees are accepted students Paljھat research only to the student to bring what is useful and the approval of its work on his face Voter Registration. - Students will be accepted only those who performed military service or discharged of which to submit what is useful. Papers and documents required: -1 Out of a qualifying school certificate) BSc (-2 degrees and the origin of the statement of estimates four years to phase Bakarus. -3 Out birth certificate. -4 Position of recruitment. -5 Certificate of origin to obtain the cycle of the total TOEFL score of 500 from the Language Center and Tarjem ѧ of Buckley ѧ of Arts Collector ѧ of two thousand ѧ Om or Alamیdیs ѧ or T. British Cultural Center) in respect of applicants for registration and registration for the master's and doctoral (. -6 No.) (6 six portraits. -7 Image to achieve personal card. -8 Hand work on enrollment approval. -9 Master's certificate of origin) to applicants for registration and registration of the degree and doctorate (. -10 Certified copy of the master's thesis) to applicants for registration and registration of the degree and doctorate (. -11 Statement of the decisions that have been Drastھa master's degree, if any) for applicants for registration and registration of the degree and doctorate (. * Foreign students defendants applies the rules and laws governing the admission of foreign students to universities Egyptian. * Is provided documents to the Supreme Studies Department, Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, including a request on behalf of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Dean of the College with effect from 1.8.2016 until . 08/31/2016

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