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    Opening the door to apply for a new batch of diploma solar energy  

   Announces Environmental Research Center and Intelligent Technology Faculty of Science, University of Fayoum opened the door for the progress of the new batch of solar diploma approved by the Supreme Council of Universities. Accept diploma graduates Science (Chemistry-Physics-Chemistry / Physics-Mathematics / Physics-Materials Physics -vezia vitality) and engineering colleges (electricity-Telecom--mwad chemistry-mechanics-Mekatroncs-). He will teach a group of lecturers from many Egyptian universities. It will be holding a number of lectures by Alvedaokonfranc with a number of foreign experts in the field of solar energy. And it extends the study for two semesters for 24 credit hours represents the practical side where more than 50%. Students will be trained on the latest diverse solar energy devices available in the center coefficient. Tuition: 5,000 pounds Lectures Hours: Thursday-Friday and Saturday of each week in the center coefficient in Fayoum The study first start in October 2016 The deadline to apply: August 31, 2016 To find out the required documents to apply, please contact: a. Hashim graduate official on 01006523917 Dates visit the center coefficient and identify hardware available: Sunday -alkhamis Tuesday from 1-3 pm The center will announce in the next few days from the start in organizing intensive training courses in solar energy, water purification and desalination fields of nanotechnology and also for those wishing to specialize without adherence.

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