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    A seminar under the title (Nanotechnology and its applications)  

   Hosted by the Faculty of Science Prof. Dr. / Ibrahim El-Sherbini professor of nanoscience and smart materials at the University of Zewail Science and Technology on Tuesday, 25.10.2016 AD to meet a seminar under the title (Nanotechnology and its applications) Hall of the Central Library University Bhoudoralostaz Dr. / Ahmed Jaber severe Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. Dr. / Khaled Hussein Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science and Prof. Dr. / Arafa Sabri collected and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and research, and Dr. / Ahmed Saad, Director of environment smart science and technology center and a group of faculty members faculties of science, pharmacy, medicine, agriculture and engineering and many of the students University interested in this field of scientific research. This may prefer / Ahmed Saad throwing a quick biography of Professor Dr. / Ibrahim El-Sherbini, director Zewail materials center in the city of science and technology and give thanks for the sovereignty of its acceptance of the invitation and support of the university administration and faculty is new in the field of scientific research. Then opened Prof. Khaled Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science symposium word went where sovereignty thanks and appreciation to Professor Dr. / Ibrahim Alchreibny director of materials center in the city Zewail Science and Technology and coordinator of the nanotechnology program at the University of Zewail to accept sovereignty to call the college and he hoped it would be organizing more such seminars in the field, even the increase students' awareness of another Interests research in the fields of science and energy. He also directed by thanking the audience and everyone is keen to take advantage of such lectures. Then welcomed Prof. Ahmed Jaber very giving thanks to the family of the Faculty of Science to organize this important conference and to Prof. Ibrahim El-Sherbini to attend and explained that the theme of the symposium is part of the research plan Fayoum University over the next five years and emanating from the Plan of Scientific Research and the Ministry of Higher Education and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, which focuses on a number of areas of concern which :-( Nanotechnology - Biotechnology - new and renewable energy - Health - food and Agriculture - ICT - slums and Humanities). As its sovereignty announced that the University of Fayoum in connection with the announcement of a number of research projects competitive for students of Fayoum University and faculty members and assistants provided that they are in designated areas in the university research plan that the university support these projects financially even come to light and urged the students to speed up the progress in these projects, and wished that there be a joint collaboration between the universities of Fayoum and Zewail by involving outstanding students in the University of Fayoum some research projects, who is a. Dr. Ibrahim El-Sherbini to participate. And the start of Prof. Dr. / Ibrahim El-Sherbini Speaking about the late life of the world Galilee Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Zewail, who was very loyal to his work and enjoys very intelligently and lover of the soil of his homeland and was doing his best to raise the status of education in Egypt, and noted that Zewail University are selected talented students in various fields of basic science until they are rehabilitated by providing all requirements of the devices and modern equipment to be used in scientific research sophisticated technological procedure in order to develop their innovative, then browse sovereignty stages Ttoralom nanotechnology materials, which began using applications in the ancient Egyptian era to become a research hub important nowadays. Then he explained the importance of nanoscale materials smart (smart nanomaterials) and their applications in various fields, whether medical, engineering, agricultural ..... etc. At the end of the lecture prefer Prof. Arafa Sabri Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science for Graduate Studies and Research offering thanks and appreciation to Professor Dr. / Ibrahim El-Sherbini to assume sovereignty to the trouble of traveling to deliver a lecture rich and valuable benefited specialist and non-specialist and taught attendees how scientific advances for scientific research in Zewail. And demanded sovereignty Professor / Sherbini more cooperation with the Faculty of Science and Fayoum University students either training or supervised the scientific messages until the desired goal of such academic lectures or seminars achieved. Sovereignty Attendees also explained as the second lecture of the Faculty of Science during the months of September and October 2016 in the hope that it will be lectures and other monthly contract in the areas of research for the various departments of the college in order to be increasing cultural and scientific awareness to researchers, students, and open areas of cooperation built with different Egyptian universities. This received Prof. Ibrahim El-Sherbini to many questions and inquiries from gentlemen faculty and ancillary staff members and students from various scientific university colleges and discussions were really fruitful and meaningful, to propose Prof. Sabri knew the audience Anyone who has a question or concern that comes to college to sit with the guest in coordination with Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Saad. This was the family of the Faculty of Science kindly given a copy honored guest faculty shield in appreciation and gratitude to prefer to accept the visit and take this lecture value and demonstrate its sovereignty ready to assist researchers and training Fayoum University students in Zewail.

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