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    A seminar entitled "The Legend of the October War"  

   Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Khalid Ismail Hamza, President of Fayoum University and the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Khaled Zaghloul Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science organized by the Faculty of Science symposium entitled "Legend of the October war," and on Sunday, 10/30/2016, in collaboration with the group 73 historians and Coordination Group Inc. Leaders of training and marketing, where he participated in the seminar, Major General / Saad Eddin Mr. Morgan of the paratroop brigade pilot / Abdel Moneim Hammam and Brigadier / Mohamed Abdel Kader of artillery and a representative of the group 73 Professor / Ayman Mohammed, chairman of seminars and conferences section of the Group 73 historians, Professor / Ayman Hussein, Deputy Prime Department of recordings in the same group in the presence of Prof. Khaled Hussein Zaghloul Acting Dean and Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and Prof. Dr. / Arafa Sabri Gomaa Hassan Acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and gentlemen faculty Authority Associate, students, workers and PUBLIC RELATIONS college. This was D / Khaled Zaghloul began his speech by quoting stones "of the believers are men true to what God was pledged," and that the Egyptian army was able to underscore during the October War epic victory and pointed out that the establishment of such seminars are part interest in Fayoum University to host the Heroes of the October War and that will enhance the sense of national belonging and values ​​to students, which is a necessary requirement in light of these events, which pass by our beloved Egypt, inspired by the spirit of October in order to combat Ngrsha in the hearts of our young people and also of belonging and loyalty to the homeland values. This gave Mr. Major General / Saad Morgan weapon umbrellas speech in which he stressed that the Egyptian army had injustice when they said that he was defeated in the 1967 war because basically did not give a war and pointed out that the Egyptian armed forces during the war of attrition to launch a suicide attack on the enemy attacks and was their slogan "Ask Death blowing you life. "at the end of his speech, he urged the youth to patriotism and pride in belonging to him. Then prefer Mr. Major General pilot / Abdel Moneim Hammam that the second air strike during the October War, which was planned for the fourth time on October 6 has been canceled because the first air strike has been more successful than expected and in the end of his speech gave his advice to the young people need to take care science to contribute to the elevation and progress of our dear. Mr. Dean / Mohammad Abdul Qadir in his speech to young people and the audience has added to the political leadership of the slogan in Egypt during the war of October 7319 was taken by force can only be restored by force, also stressed the importance of the War of Attrition and called for the need to highlight them and taught at military colleges also delivered a poem for sovereignty entitled "epic victory." During the seminar was to provide a demonstration of the group's definition of 73 historians, which was established in 2008 and was the owner of the idea is the banner of a pilot / Mohamed Zaki Okasha God rest his soul and mission of this group is the history of the war through the heroes who participated. This may prefer Alasaz Dr. / Arafa Sabri Hassan Juma delivered a speech in which direction thanks and appreciation to accept heroes guests to call the college and what gave these heroes and others in the Egyptian army is only a scapegoat for our people and our beloved Egypt. Sovereignty students have urged the awareness stressing that the enemy in the October war was clear and he received it while our heroes these days Valoaadae many and we must all arm ourselves with knowledge and both of us are working hard in their respective fields for the elevation and progress of our dear country Egypt. As you prefer Prof. Dr. / Saleh Abdul Alim Aoun head of the Department of Chemistry to provide a speech in which gave thanks and appreciation on behalf of the members of the faculty of Champions asserting its sovereignty to these heroes and their ilk we must celebrate them and and valued for what they gave us. He urged the students to exercise and to work seriously and patience and perseverance in order to boosting our dear homeland. At the end of the seminar it was opened for discussion among college students and students with the heroes in a family atmosphere of love and understanding in order to achieve the desired objective of the symposium, which the college sought for. At the symposium honoring the heroes and concluded, where the D / Khaled Zaghloul deliver total shield for each of them in recognition of the role of the heroic for their sovereignty in the Victory Day.

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