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    A training course titled "How to write a scientific research scientifically sound."  

   Within the unity of training and skills development at the Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum activities of the Faculty of Science organized a training course titled "How to write a scientific research scientifically sound" on Monday 31/10/2016 Hall of the seminar at the Faculty of Science in the presence of faculty and assistants and graduate students, as well as representatives from the scientific professions and undergraduate students union, and has lectured at the seminar. D / Arafa Sabri - acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and research. After a review of its sovereignty to the vision and mission of the college and the system of ruling values ​​as well as the role of the Faculty of Science at the service of society, completed the modern sovereignty where it was stressed that scientific research is considered a national treasure that should be encouraged and supported and that the fundamentals of scientific research and one no matter how different disciplines, also requires scientific research in various fields availability a set of values ​​and ethical principles and the researcher should be familiar with these principles, because the ethics of scientific research requires respect for the rights of others and their opinions. Sovereignty also discussed several points, including: 1. How to choose the search address. 2. how to distinguish between the primary and secondary reference reference. 3. What is the quote and what is the ratio permitted in writing research? 4. What are the components of scientific research paper? 5. rules to be observed in the writing of scientific research properly. 6. How to choose the magazine whose goal is consistent with the theme of the study. 7. rules governing the work of the participants in the research study or control. 8. What is being done after acceptance for publication. 9. grounds for refusal of magazines for Scientific Research provided. At the end of the session. D / Arafa Sabri listened to the questions and queries of the audience about what has been explained and then thanked everyone on what has been presented of the value and important information.

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