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    1408/5000 The workshop entitled "Intellectual Property Rights"  

   Within the unity of training and skills development at the Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum activities of the Faculty of Science organized a workshop titled "Intellectual Property Rights" on Wednesday 16/11/2016 Hall of the seminar at the Faculty of Science in the presence of a number of faculty members and students of the college. He has lectured in the workshop, Dr. / Tharwat Mr. ElDesoki - Assistant Professor of Botany Department, where prefer sovereignty to the definition of intellectual property, it is the range of rights that protect thought and creativity humanitarian includes patents and trademarks, and industrial designs and geographical indications, copyright and other proprietary rights intellectual. He also stressed that it is considered an integral part of the human rights of possession and ownership part. It is the most important individual property laws, there is no more valuable than the fruit of human directed thanks to his effort and his intellectual and work In this sense, international and national legislation was to protect this right, which will continue its pace of activity and creativity and make it always feel hope and aspiration towards further. This sovereignty was discussed several points important basic axes, including: - 1. The emergence of intellectual property 2. The importance and types of intellectual property 3. Definition of copyright. 4. rights granted by the law. 5. Introduction to Creative Commons. 6. How your business licensed through Creative Commons. 7. Choose the conditions. 8. Choose the license. 9. legal methods of expression. 10. patents. Example. At the end of the workshop d / Tharwat listened to the questions and queries of the audience about what has been explained and then thanked everyone on what has been presented of the value and important information.

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