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    Lecture under the title (of air pollution and its impact on man and the environment in Egypt)  

   Within the framework of Graduate Studies and Research in collaboration with the Department of Botany college activities held at the Faculty of Science Lecture under the title (of air pollution and its impact on man and the environment in Egypt) on Wednesday 11/30/2016 Hall of celebrations altogether, in the presence of Prof. Arafa Sabri Acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Jamal Al-Saeed, a professor emeritus of physics department, Prof. Dehom valiant Professor Emeritus of Zoology Department, Prof. Aoun Saleh Abdul Alim, acting chairman of the Department of Chemistry, d. Mr. Tharwat Dessouky assistant professor of the Department of Plant, d. Hesham Mohamed Abbas teacher Department of Plant and a group of faculty members and their assistants and students and public relations at the university. Where the lecture was opened by Prof. Arafa Sabri Hassan Juma word sovereignty expressing his thanks and appreciation to Prof. Yasser Hassan Ibrahim, head of Air Pollution Research Department of the National Research Center to accept the sovereignty of the college as well as an invitation to the Department of Botany for his role in arranging the visit. Sovereignty and pointed out that the college administration is keen to invite distinguished professors in different disciplines throughout the academic year in order to activate the aspects of cooperation between the college and the various faculties of science as well as with research institutes and centers. This has also welcomed both the Prof. Aoun Saleh, the acting chairman of the Department of Chemistry and d. Mr. Tharwat Dessouky assistant professor of the Department of Plant Guest decent and honorable attendance. Having directed Prof. Yasser Hassan Ibrahim thanks and appreciation to the family of the Faculty of Science for hosting and for the warm reception, sovereignty lecture began the definition of waste as remnants of humanitarian activities, both domestic, agricultural, extractive or productivity. The explained sovereignty that there Maiervy industrialized countries to define the responsibilities of waste producers and provide possible solutions to get rid sound of them sound scientific manner. The lecture also dealt with different waste types and classification by origin, such as Household waste: waste kitchens and processes food preparation, as well as garbage and content of the paper, glass and plastic products and others, stressing its sovereignty it must get rid of this waste quickly so as not to become too compromise breeding of harmful insects and shelter for ferrets as it contains a high proportion of organic materials rot and the issuance of scents breath. The industrial waste, they vary in quality and quantity in terms of ways Altchina usually benefit from the lifting of economic feasibility taking care Taufertaqh. While agricultural waste is waste resulting from all activities, including agricultural plant and animal. He also pointed out that the effluent contains a higher concentration of pollutants as they may contain hazardous or toxic materials in addition to the waste gas, where this waste produces some of the manufacturing processes and the use of various fossil fuels. So you must take into account the good specifications when Achae new urban cities. This sovereignty was confirmed that there is a chemically hazardous waste, such as waste containing chemicals shoddy or expired, as well as from the production and preparation of pharmaceutical products waste, and the most dangerous drugs affecting the genes, such as the treatment of cancer drugs. And also arising from the production of waste and the use of household pesticides and public health pesticides shoddy or expired. At the end of the lecture, Prof. ran / Arafa Sabri discussion and questions where prefer Prof / Yasser Hassan responded to questions from the members of the faculty and students. You may prefer Prof. Jamal Al-Saeed to submit a certificate of appreciation to Professor Dr / Yasser Hassan in recognition for his information and services valuable to the family of the Faculty of Science, where sovereignty announced the approval of the training of undergraduate students lab air pollution research at the National Center for Research as well as the help of graduate students who are interested in the same area of ​​research.

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