*Seminar on "Occupational Safety and Health in Laboratories"           *«Effect of iron oxides, aluminum and nano-silicone on the resistance of ordinary Portland cement for fire»           *Prof. Arafa Sabry, Dean of the Faculty, participates in the inauguration ceremony of Fayoum University Graduates Association      *Reception of new students      *Meeting of the Basic Science and Planning Sector Committee     


    Visit secondary school students demo in Fayoum  

   Within the framework of Community Service and Environmental Development, Faculty of Science - University of Fayoum sector activities received the Faculty of Science on Monday, 12/05/2016 at ten thirty in the morning a delegation of students demo High School in Fayoum, where students met with young people and representatives of community service and public relations college sector care management and has done College students visited various laboratories to identify the sections of the College, as well as devices on them. The tour began with a visit the Department of Chemistry and has accompanied d / Alaa Ruby - Teacher section - where sovereignty talked about the different branches of the existing department also talked about some of the fundamentals of chemistry and some important terms. Then move to the physics department laboratories have the d / Ashraf Hussein Mustafa - Teacher section - where students receive His Eminence to provide a simple explanation for some special knowledge of physics concepts, as well as the different types of waves. Then students visited the Department of Zoology and were greeted d / Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al Hilali - Assistant Lecturer Balksm- has sovereignty talked about anatomy and how to save the animals, also watched the students some models of animals, reptiles, insects mummified and preserved in the material formalin including octopus Egyptian snake and scorpion four mother forty. الترجمة من Google للمؤسسات:مجموعة أدوات المترجممترجم مواقع الويبمستكشف السوق العالمية

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