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    Interview Khalid Zaghloul Acting Dean of the College with students  

   Prof. Dr. Khaled Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College, held a meeting on Monday, February 20, 2017, at the No. 4 Auditorium in the presence of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdul Alim Al Awni, Acting Dean of the College for Environmental Affairs and Community Service. Director of Quality Assurance Unit, Dr. Zeinab Ayyad, Dr. Aisha Asiwi, Dr. Taroub Abdel Nabi, Dr. Mohamed Ali Agha, Student Communication Officer, Youth Care, Public Relations, and Students at the College. Dr. Khaled Zaghloul congratulated the members of the faculty, students and staff at the beginning of the second semester, wishing all success and good in the educational and practical process. His Excellency discussed the importance of quality and its role that benefits the scientific and practical benefit of all members of the Faculty of Science and the need to prepare fully for the visit of evaluation by the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation during the next month, adding that the college seeks to be a leader in the fields of education, Local, regional and international levels. In his speech, Khalid Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College on the need to identify in the first lectures on the characterization of the material that will be taught and that was provided description of the courses for all teams in the library and quality and the Office of the Vice Dean for Education and students and the site and all students can see them and the school schedule for all teams posted on the site And it was developed in accordance with the conditions of all students, and was provided all the chemicals needed by all laboratories in the College as delivered by Prof. Saleh Abdul-Alim Al-Awni Acting Dean of the College for Environmental Affairs and Community Service urged students to adhere to the science and challenged all difficulties that may face the student in order to obtain the goal and goal of achieving an internationally certified certificate and all this will happen only through the identification of profiles Specialists in the courses and regularity in laboratories and searching through the Internet for all what is new in the field of science and the presence of all activities in the college and support the administration with ideas and proposals building and all interested courses, seminars and workshops in all fields. The meeting was concluded by Dr. Mahmoud Soufi, Director of Quality Assurance Unit, in a speech, in which he explained the quality and the self-study that has been done for the faculty, and that the students should look at the five-year college plan starting from 2016-2021 and stressed in his speech the need to identify the vision and mission of the college It was developed throughout the college to identify them and also to identify the divisions of the departments. His Excellency urged the students to cooperate with quality and management in providing ideas and constructive suggestions that help the college in the advancement of educational and practical aspects

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