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    A training course entitled Occupational Safety and Health in the laboratory  

   Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Khalid Hussein Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College, the College of Science held a training course on occupational safety and health in laboratories on Monday 27/2/2017 at the Seminar Hall (1) at the College and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdul Alim Dr. Abdo Sabri Jumaa, Acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and a large number of students of the first biological department as well as administrators. Dr. Salwa Mohammed Salahuddin, The The central work of the faculty. Where she spoke about occupational safety and health in laboratories and science that is concerned with the safety and health of the human being by providing safe working environments free from the causes of accidents and injuries, as explained by the purpose of the program is to know the laws and rules of safety in laboratories and application, prevention of accidents, Protecting the human element from work injuries, maintaining the plant and equipment from damage, and finally providing a safe environment for the human and material elements. It also discussed some points such as: 1 - the main safety factors. 2. Maintenance of chemicals. 3 - Safety rules before entering the factory, while in the laboratory, before leaving the plant. 4. Safety in the case of chemical spills. 5. Prevention after needle needle or sharp tool. 6. Safety in the use of sharp tools, use of test tubes, samples of germs and glass tools. 7. Safe disposal and waste. 8. disinfection and sterilization processes. 9. Signs of prevention, forced signals, inference signals, hazard signals and warning signals. Dr. Saleh Abdul-Alim Mohammed Al-Awni pointed out the importance of following safety and safety rules in laboratories to avoid accidents. He thanked the students for their interest and attendance and promised them more training courses to develop their scientific abilities. Thanks to the attendees and urged students to benefit from such courses and lectures. At the end of the session, Dr. Salwa Mohammed listened to the audience about what was discussed and then thanked her for her valuable and important information

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