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    Library Committee for March 2017  

   The Library Committee met for the month of March 2017 on Sunday 12/3/2017 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Samir Mustafa Al-Madani and the membership of: Dr. Abdel Azim Abdel Hadi Yehia A. Dr. Hisham Hassanein Al-Fayoumi Dr. Nahi Ibrahim Saeed A / Haggag Ahmed Abdel Tawab He apologized for attendance Dr. Sobhy Hilal. Mr. Samir Mostafa Al-Madani opened the meeting and began to consider the agenda as follows: - (In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful) * - Considering the follow-up and emphasis on the ongoing work of cleaning and strengthening the lighting and the work of the necessary activities and tasks, In preparation for receiving quality committees and accreditation of the college. * Follow-up work inside the library in terms of general cleanliness of the library in general of the dollars and shelves and the extraction of all papers and things that the library does not need and disposal. * - Write and review a detailed report on the following: 1. Components of the library of furniture and succession. 2. Activities within the library. 3. Tasks assigned to the library staff. 4. Constraints and problems within the library. * - Emphasizing the completion of the installation of lamps and repair of damage to the lighting within the library, where the Committee recommended the need for periodic maintenance monthly to improve the lighting inside the library. And also work to maintain the adaptations in the library is disabled and need maintenance for some time before the beginning of the summer. * - Consideration of the letter sent by Prof. Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies, Research and Astronomy, specialized in scientific books. The committee recommended the need to send a copy of the cylinder to the different departments of the college to view and choose the appropriate books for each department.

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