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    A seminar entitled "The Railway"  

    Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Khalid Hussein Hassan Zaghloul Acting Dean of the College and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdul-Alim Al-Awni Acting Acting Vice Dean for Development Affairs Environment and Community Service on Monday held a seminar entitled " Scientific Research in Egypt, in the framework of self-sponsored seminars sponsored by Fayoum University. In the presence of Prof. Saleh Al-Awni, Vice Dean for Environment and Community Service, Dehoum Al-Basel and Prof. Mohammed Adham, Director of the Department of Scientific Research and Youth Care and a number of students of the College. Where the seminar was presented by the student / Ayat Abdul Wahab, and the student / Mohammed Said This was delivered by Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdul-Alim Al-Awni, Vice-Dean for Environmental Affairs, said that theoretical studies are no longer suitable for reliance on the progress of scientific research, as long as the boxes are locked, without application, and there is no minimum value for a study or research that is not applied. As he added. Dehoum al-Basel said that scientific research in Egypt is facing a real crisis, especially with the lack of study of Egypt's geographically-intensive geographical areas, and that the geography of research should be expanded so that all available natural resources can be utilized. In an interactive dialogue, the student Ahmed Ali said in response to a question that the sources of scientific research are no longer sufficient to prepare research and studies and that we need to expand the sources of research. This was pointed out by Prof. Mohamed Adham, Director of the Department of Scientific Research in a dialogue with the students that the researcher should follow the latest sources of science, so that the research is consistent with what is happening in the field of scientific research in the world of changes. In addition, the student Hassan Hasan interacted in a dialogue in which she said that scientific efforts should be combined in order to increase the speed of overcoming the scientific crises in Egypt. And the student / Fatima Ibrahim in her dialogue that the education system, a minor, and does not give the student any freedom to choose what he wants to study, so that the college becomes just a social title no more.

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