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    Meeting of the Chairman of the Academic Support Committee and the work of the scientific pioneer  

   Prof. Dr. Khalid Hussein Hassan Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College, Mr. Dr. Arfa Sabri Jumaa Hassan, Acting Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Chairman of Academic Support Committee, Mr. Saleh Abdul Alim Al Awni, Acting Dean of the Faculty Affairs Affairs Development of the environment and community service, by the members of the faculty working as a scientific leader, on Sunday, 5/3/2017 in the presence of a group of those who carry out the work of scientific pioneer and members of the Board of Commissioners and the Assistant Board and members of the Academic Support and Public Relations Committee College . Where he opened a. Sabri called on welcoming the members of the academic support committee and the scientific pioneers and students. His Excellency would like to present the tasks and roles of the support committee and the scientific pioneer and how to adopt the university student since his admission to the college until he graduated in the scientific aspects by introducing him to the academic plan for the academic year. And the degrees awarded by the College, as confirmed in the words of Prof. Khalid Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College, said that the tasks of the scientific pioneer do not stop at this point, but extends to include the assistance of students of special medical conditions, physically or socially. And that the students should communicate with the Department of Student Affairs to know each student scientific pioneer and his functions. The reports will always be done periodically by the Academic Support Committee, and that the distribution of students was supervised by the scientific leader on the number of 6 students instead of 10 Students, as well as the sovereignty of the definition of Al-Talal on the pioneers of scientific students each according to his specialty. This was explained by Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdel-Aleem Al-Awny, Acting Dean of the Faculty for Community Service and Environmental Development, said that lectures should be attended to good behavior in classrooms, laboratories and the campus in general. And that all names will be announced as well as the names of the scientific leader concerned for each student on the site and within the students' affairs. At the end of the meeting, several questions were directed by the students to the scientific pioneers and responded through them.

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