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    Meeting of the follow-up unit of graduates of the Faculty of Science students  

   In the framework of the activities of the graduate follow-up unit, a meeting was held for the fourth year students on Tuesday, 28/3/2017 with Dr. Badawi Ali Anis, researcher at the National Research Center, attended by Dr. Khalid Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Science and Dr. Arafa Sabri Jumaa. Dr. Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Latif, Director of Alumni Follow-up Unit, Dr. Mohamed Rashad, Director of the Training Unit at the College, and a number of College students. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Khaled Zaghloul gave a speech to the students in which he stressed the importance of attention and setting their goals and aspirations with the constant and serious striving to achieve them and be patient and determined. He also announced that the College's Center for Environmental Research and Smart Technology has been approved and that cadres will be appointed at the center, which will provide the opportunity to appoint a number of graduates as repeaters. The College also organizes training courses for the basics of medical analysis, Stressing that the administration of the college is keen to communicate with all its graduates of the students. During the meeting, Dr. Badawi began to narrate his biography until he reached this position and the difficulties he faced. He pointed out that seriousness and discipline in the practical and scientific life are essential to achieving the goals and that the graduates of the Faculty of Science have a lot of skills and scientific capabilities that qualify them to be leaders in Anywhere there are many fields such as factories, solar energy and genetic engineering need graduates of the Faculty of Science, especially that they are colleges supporting civil society. During the meeting, a number of models were presented to a group of biographies and their success despite the difficulties and frustrations they faced and how they were able to resolve and overcome them.

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