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    Meet the students one of the researchers at the University Zewail  

   Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Khalid Hussein Zaghloul, Acting Dean of the College of Science, the College's Graduate Follow-up Unit held a meeting with the students of the college and some graduates with Dr. Mohamed Hamdi, a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry, Chemistry and Chemistry. On Thursday, 6/4/2017 at the seminar hall (1) at the College and in the presence of Mr. / Saleh Abdel-Alim Mohamed Al-Awni Acting Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development and the rule of Prof. Dr. Arfa Sabri Juma - Acting Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and WTH and the rule of Dr. / Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Latif Director HUAU. The meeting was also attended by members of the youth branch of the graduates of scientific careers in Fayoum Syndicate. Dr. Mohamed Hamdi began his meeting with the audience by describing his personal biography and the difficulties he faced. He also reviewed his study and professional experience until he became part of the staff of Zewail University. His Excellency pointed out that seriousness, discipline, determination, perseverance and non-despair are fundamental and authentic factors to achieve the noble goals. in any particular field in general and in the field of scientific research in particular. His Excellency urged students to pay attention to the study as well as interest in continuous reading and constant access to everything that is new in their fields of science and development of personal skills through the English language courses as well as meaningful courses in the field of computer and statistics and other fields necessary to qualify graduates of the Faculty of Science and help them get suitable jobs as well as qualify for master's and doctoral degrees awarded. At the end of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdel-Alim Mohamed Al-Awni, Prof. Dr. Arafah Sabry Gomaa and Dr. Abdel-Karim Mohamed Abdel Latif thanked Dr. Mohamed Hamdi for this fruitful meeting.

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