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    Library Committee for April  

   On Sunday, 16/4/2017, the library committee meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Samir Mostafa Al-Madani and the following members: Dr. Abdel-Azim Abdel-Hadi Yahia • Dr. Nahi Ibrahim Said • Mr. / Hajjaj Ahmed Abdel Tawab has apologized a. Dr. Sobhy Hilal and Prof. Hisham Hassanein Al-Fayoumi attended the meeting. The following important topics were discussed: Due to the proximity of the quality committees and the receipt of the work of the faculty, the following were done in the library: 1. Completion of the lighting works in full with the digital library and the printing library. . 2. Finishing the maintenance of curtains in the digital library and there is still maintenance in the library of publications. 3. Sorting, classifying and arranging books on shelves according to the classification plan and according to the specific sections and branches. 4. Adjust the seats, tables and chairs. We need 30 chairs to reach the ideal number, which has been identified by quality committees in previous years, which is 100 chairs. 5. A detailed report on the library has been prepared - its activities, problems and proposals - a copy of the report is attached. 6. The library needs to support the efficiency of photography until the price of the paper is raised; by buying a new machine and handing it to his employee for photography and working a special department for photography inside the library. We need an external door to close the two libraries by adding the space between the two libraries. Office and cupboard and keeping bags and their students' purposes.

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