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    Community Service and Environmental Development Committee for May 2017  

   On Monday 15/5/2017 at 12 noon, the Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development chaired by Prof. Dr. Saleh Abdel-Alim Mohamed Al-Awni, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Community Service and Environment Development and the membership of The following are the following: 1- Buthaina Mohamed Hassan. 2- Dr. Heba Mohammed Rabie. 3- Dr. Hanan Abdullah Saeed. A / Nashwa Mohammed Mustafa. ** I apologize for the attendance: Dr. Abeer Malak. ** The Committee was attended by the following members at the invitation of the Chairman of the Committee: 1 - Prof. / Abdel-Nabi Ibrahim Essawi. (Professor Emeritus Department of Chemistry) 2- Dr. / Abdul Karim Mohammed. (Director of the follow-up unit of graduates) 3- Dr. / Sayed Abdel Aziz. (Director of the Unit of Research and Environmental Projects) 4 - Dr. / Mohamed Attia Mahmoud. (Lecturer, Department of Physics) 5- Dr. / Shaimaa Mohammed Al-Sufi. (Administrative member in units) 6- Mr. Abdul Rahman Ragab Khalil. (Chairman of the Quality Department of Lavar Cement Egypt) Dr. Saleh Abdul-Alim Mohammed Al-Awni (Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim) welcomed the members and then discussed the agenda, recommendations and discussions which were as follows: 12/4/2017, where the comment on the third item and recommended the formation of a working group to update the study on the identification of societal needs of the college in different sectors. ** Presentation of a report on the recruitment forum and the fifth graduates day, which was held on Monday 24/4/2017 at the large celebrations hall in the college. The committee recommended several recommendations, namely: - Holding training courses for graduates to qualify them to the labor market. - Suggested by Dr. / Mohamed Attia at the invitation of Dr. / Omar Sukkar - Chairman of the Board of Noah. - Focusing on the publicity of the sessions ahead of schedule in sufficient time and by means of good advertising. - Lecture proposed by Dr. Hanan Abdullah entitled (economic importance of algae). - A lecture proposed by Dr. Sayed Abdel Aziz entitled (The economic importance of the natural resources located in Fayoum). ** Presentation of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Aisha Hassanein Secondary Girls School in Fayoum regarding letters of thanks and appreciation to the faculty members of the college and to give them introductory lectures for high school students. ** Presented by the office of Professor / Vice President for Education and Student Affairs in relation to addressing the security of the university in the event of any obligations within the college. ** Presentation of the Office of Professor / Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development regarding the precautions to be taken into account due to the introduction of the summer and high temperatures. ** 6- Concerning the application submitted by Dr. Salwa Mohamed Salah El-Din to the Professor / Dean of the College regarding a proposal for a series of lectures and courses to be organized by the Central Laboratory and Seminar Hall. ** Presenting what was received from the office of Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development in relation to their report on the activity of the College until it is presented monthly to the Council of Community Service and Environmental Development. ** The Committee also recommended several recommendations to be presented to the College Council for implementation: - - Directing a representative of one of the representatives of companies and industrial or research institutions to attend the Committee on Community Service and Environmental Development College. - New cooperation protocols are being worked out with some companies and institutions to create new jobs for graduates of the college. - Send questionnaires via e-mail to graduates in order to find out their needs from seminars and training courses for the labor market.

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